Why Moissanite?


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As Featured In Marie Claire, People, Refinery29, DailyMail Australia

🌱  Ethically sourced. Lab-grown gemstones & recycled gold

💎 Can only be scratched by a Diamond

🔥 Complement Magnet - Sparkles more than a diamond

💫 Discovered in a meteorite, naturally occurring Moissanite is rarer than diamonds. A gemstone sent from the stars

⚡ Moissanite requires less resources to produce than lab-grown diamonds, making them even more ethical than lab-grown diamonds

🌎 Lab-grown prevents environmental destruction from mining 

Moissanite provides a high-quality alternative that prevents environmental destruction and supports fair work practices. 

comparison of diamonds and diamond alternatives


Our Moissanite Rings:

  • Free ring re-sizing
  • Hand made
  • Internationally recognised moissanite certification